Everyday I speak with amazing women and men
who are really suffering.

They have spent years battling food and weight and know they’re dealing with a deeper problem. They feel like their attempts to start afresh on Monday morning, week after week and month after month, are not working.

The compulsion to binge gets so strong, it often feels like they’re dealing with something primal. Relying on willpower just doesn’t work – it’s a battle they invariably lose. They have a sense that they use food in the way a drug addict uses drugs. Food is their only way of relieving tension, relaxing their bodies and slowing their thoughts. They worry that something’s wrong with them. Why is it so hard to eat normally? Why can they not figure this out?

If You Struggle With Food, It’s Not Because You’re Lacking Willpower. Food Helps Us Numb What We’re Not Able To Feel.

When people try and heal their relationship with food they often get stuck in one of two places. 

The first is that they get fixated on the food itself.

And a huge amount of energy goes into trying to figure out what they should or shouldn’t eat. They’ve tried it all: calorie counting, cutting out all processed foods and refined sugars, minimizing carbs, eliminating dairy, going Paleo, going vegan, doing Keto, doing intermittent fasting. And on and on. It’s not that these changes aren’t helpful (they can be) but in themselves they’re rarely the answer to the whole picture. People can find themselves bingeing on their Paleo approved, almond flour pancakes or calorie free foods or a bunch of carrots and hummus. Or they’re obsessing about the foods they’re not allowed to have. Because what’s really missing is their ability to feel at ease in their mind and body.

The second place that people get stuck is in therapy.

People are in pain, they’re trying to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing, and so they find some sort of therapist or coach. They’re making good progress piecing together their family of origin dynamics, their childhoods and why they turned to food for comfort in the first place. But they’re not making much progress with the actual food day to day – because understanding how you got there doesn’t actually guarantee you’ll be able to change what you’re doing with food. And each time you binge it’s like you’re back to square one and nothing’s changed in spite of all the effort.

Because You Can’t Just Address One Thing.

You Need To Be Addressing Multiple Pieces at the Same Time.

The problem isn’t just a food issue. It’s also not a willpower issue. It’s usually a more complex web of underlying anxiety, depression, and sometimes trauma, that lives in the body. On top of that there are entrenched thought loops, that repeat over and over. And the behaviors we turn to, to take the edge off what we’re experiencing, often develop a life of their own and play out automatically. Plus there’s usually some degree of isolation or secrecy because it’s hard to want to meet up with people when you’re not feeling well, or talk about what’s really going on with food without feeling shame. The cycle of judgement, feeling somehow broken and exhausted by all the effort to change, robs us of joy and energy.

Healing Is Possible.

I Can Help You.

My name is Sabrina Weyeneth. I’m a licensed psychotherapist psychodynamically trained in Depth Psychology (reveals what’s unconscious), EMDR (resolves trauma), and hypnotherapy. My specialty is working with anxiety, depression and eating disorders like bulimia and binge eating. I’ve worked with and coached hundreds of people around the world for the last 17 years.

Eleanor Roberts, UK

"The course has been life changing for me. I feel it is literally the key to my recovery, healing and living the kind of life that I want to live. I rewatch the videos and it is by far the only resource I have returned to again and again (and believe me I have tried the vast array of materials out there). The structure, worksheets and delivery are brilliant, easy to follow and motivating. It speaks to me on many levels and addresses all aspects pf recovery not just the focus on food. The course is incredibly comprehensive and covers a lot of areas. It really is brilliant."

Esther Merenstein, Connecticut USA

"The food is so much better! It’s definitely been a journey but I’ve made a ton of progress and I now regularly do body scan meditations!  Truly has changed my life and I’m so grateful!”

My Clients Are Wonderful, Powerful, Amazing Women And Men
That Are Hiding Their Suffering.

These Are The Common Thoughts I Hear From Clients

“Why can’t I just eat normally?”
“I’ll start over on Monday.”
“I can’t believe I’ve done it again, what is wrong with me?”
“Why can’t I get this under control?”
“I’d be mortified if people knew.”
“The compulsion to binge just feels bigger than me.”
“I can’t seem to relax/ sleep/ focus/ get through the day without using food.”
“I just want to be thin – I can’t stand what my body looks like.”

Katy G.


"My life has become a hell of a lot better and my relationship with food has improved drastically. The frequency and intensity of the lapses continue to become less severe and manageable and that’s how I know I’m recovering. Thank you for never judging all the messiness that makes me feel so much shame at times."


Heidi H.

New York

"Hi Sabrina, I watched your videos about bingeing. I have never seen anything so wise concerning eating, whatever-disorders. Thanks"

I Developed An 8 Step Process To Living Binge Free

Here’s what living Binge Free looks like when you do the work:

You are able to eat like you’ve always wanted to and easily stop when you’re full. Your clothes fit and you are happy with your body when you look in the mirror. You don’t always eat perfectly, but you are kind to yourself. You are not obsessively calculating what to eat, or what not to eat, or beating yourself up over what you shouldn't have eaten. You are happy to leave the house, meet people and put yourself out into the world. You feel good about who you are, you know how to create deep friendships and life feels manageable (not perfect or mess-free but manageable and enjoyable because you know how to navigate your inner world).

Here's My Exact Process To Help You Become Binge Free

Michael H.

Maryland, United States

" I wish there were a million more like you, people who took the time to clearly speak about some of the little (and perhaps not so little) conflicts that keep us tied up in knots of confusion. You are helping to diminish those confusions."

Lesley C.

United Kingdom

"I have been bulimic ever since I was 16- I'm now 49. You are the first person I have ever had any help from that made a difference- and believe me I've tried all sorts- I even studied cognitive behavioral therapy to help myself! You are brilliant!"

The reason that I’m so passionate about this work, and have developed my Binge Free Process, is not just because of my path as a psychotherapist and coach, helping hundreds of people transform their lives around food, but also because…

I’ve Actually Lived It Myself.

I understand the thoughts, feelings, frustrations and the shame. The despair, the endless looping in circles, the failing, the trying a myriad diets, over and over. 20 years ago, I experienced the lowest point in my life. I was a student at Oxford University and I was at the mercy of cravings and an eating disorder that had overtaken my life. I kept telling myself I just had to get through the next set of exams, and then I promised myself I’d find a solution. In the meantime bingeing and purging had become part of my everyday life. I was spending a lot of money on food each week. I was throwing up at least once a day. And I was smoking up to 2 packs of cigarettes a day in an attempt to cut my appetite and curb the compulsion to binge.

By then the battle had already been going for over five years.

I had so much shame around what I was doing that I didn’t want to tell anyone. I’d constantly try and stop – and try some other eating approach – but then the old familiar compulsion would start building up and I’d repeatedly break my resolve. I was terrified people knew. I’d get massively defensive if anybody got near the topic. I just acted as if all was fine – going out, partying, studying.

But Inside I Was Falling Apart. It Felt Like A Double Life.

I didn’t understand how I could excel academically but could not figure out how to feed myself. It seemed so basic. I was convinced that if I just tried harder I’d be able to finally fix it. I was sure it was just a matter of willpower and discipline. I didn’t understand that by then, like with any addiction, I was reliant on food for so much. I used it to numb boredom and to help me focus, I used it numb loneliness and rejection, I used it to give me energy when I was exhausted, I used it to erase fear and overwhelm when everything got to be too much.

I had inadvertently trained myself to short-circuit to food all the time.

Once I graduated I’d assumed the removal of stress would allow me to decompress and heal. But it didn’t. Without all the distractions of studying I nearly felt worse. I remember the heaviness in my legs and arms. The mood swings. It felt debilitating. That’s when I got into therapy and finally asked for help. And things did improve. From the outside my food stabilized and looked more normal.

On the one hand that seemed like real progress.

On the other hand, just getting through each day without relying on food felt like it took a gigantic amount of energy. This wasn’t the freedom I’d imagined.

I’d constantly be looking for ways to take the edge off – even if it was just eating a whole pack of sugar-free gum in one sitting.

I could “manage” the pain in healthier ways, but somehow I hadn’t addressed the problem at the core.

There’s a distinction between healing something at the source, where it disappears entirely, and managing it, which requires a huge amount of effort. I really wanted to heal. I really wanted to feel at ease in my body. That impulse, to find deeper answers, was what started my journey to become a psychotherapist. It took me a long time to figure out the jigsaw puzzle. So much of this work isn’t academic – it’s not about understanding things intellectually in your mind. The shifts have to happen in your body.

I’ve taken what I learned and have shared it to help many others internationally.

The key to the process is you have to be willing to go deep. Your cravings and compulsions ARE the road to wholeness. They are an invitation to feel. It’s so tempting to think you will be able to figure this out on your own, but one year can become 5 years and then ten years and beyond. It is heartbreaking to know so many people are suffering, especially when there is a way out if you’re willing to do the work. I will show you exactly how to stop the cycle in my first ever online training program:


Make Peace With Food, Your Body And The Voice Inside Your Head

An 8 Week Mind-Body Training To Transform Your Eating And Your Life


I’ve poured the Very Best of all my resources, tools and training from nearly two decades of working with people into this convenient, confidential, online program for you.

Here’s How The Program Works: 

You will have immediate access to all of the training modules in the 8 Step Binge Free Process. The weekly training includes about 60 minutes of high definition videos, downloadable worksheets to integrate the material into your life and audio MP3 resources to best support your process as you weave it into your everyday living.

This is a confidential program, and your participation will remain anonymous. You can work through the modules at your own pace and you will have access to return to any part of the program you want as a refresher, as many times as you like, so you have continuous support when you most need it.

Here's What People Are Experiencing In The Course

Jen M.


"Dear Sabrina, I would just like to thank you with all my heart! I have been suffering from very low self esteem, self hatred and binge eating disorder for 13 years. But this has all stopped since I viewed your videos. They made such sense to me and have literally changed my life! I feel such a burden has lifted. Thank you so much Sabrina. You are wonderful!”

Rebecca Butler

California, USA

"I’m doing wonderfully.  I’ve had some more breakthroughs – the biggest being that restricting my food isn’t and hasn’t ever worked for me and it just makes me depressed, low energy and hating my life/work. I am accepting my body and whatever it needs and eating and moving intuitively.  I am actually EXCITED for the holidays now instead of dreading them because of all the food.  I am feeling so much happier, energized and hopeful.  Food does wonders for the brain and body. Duh! Sabrina I’m so grateful for you. I’ve never gotten to this level of acceptance with myself and my body before."


Tanya F.

California, United States

"I’m so amazed at the process and the progress. It’s been totally transformative. I am so grateful. I feel more confident. I can sit with my feelings. I am better about asking for help. I’m not so prone to black and white thinking. I feel more valuable. I am better at setting boundaries. I am proud of finally getting to an OA meeting, losing weight and gaining community. This work has CHANGED MY LIFE. Really, really, changed my life. I am so grateful.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Here's What You Will Learn Each Week:

How To Break Your Repetitive, Triggering Thought Patterns

  • Learn how to identify the top 3 thoughts (that are on repeat) that trigger your binges.
  • The 4 step technique that will eradicate destructive thoughts like, “I’ve blown it, I might as well binge”.
  • The #1 mistake you’re making once a binge has started.
  •  Learn exactly how you should be working with your thinking during and after a binge to stop fueling the diet/binge pattern and eliminate all guilt.
  • The method that helps you stop believing every destructive thought that pops into your head, so that you stop fueling your issues with food.  

How To Sit With Any Feeling In Your Body Until It Dissolves (and the cravings do too!)

  • Master the art of feeling feelings and learn how to open into any sensation in the body until it dissolves (without resorting to food).
  •  Download the “Pre-Binge” audio recording onto your phone, and just press play to have me help you navigate your cravings and feelings 24/7.
  • The super simple test to assess how connected (or disconnected) you are from your body and why that impacts your eating.
  • Understand trauma ­– the intelligence behind which feelings you’ve cut off in your body and how to reverse that numbness and disconnect. 
  •  Learn how to deconstruct a craving into the actual sensations you’re trying to avoid (and how to feel those sensations, even whilst you’re watching Netflix).
  • Discover the link between accessing and feeling your physical sensations and healing insomnia and night eating.

How To Decide Which Eating Type Is Best For You

  • Learn the “Miracle Question” that can help you visualize your new future with food.
  • Get clear on exactly what foods to stay away from for your specific body (and cut through all the conflicting advice).
  • Learn how to create your very own customized food vision to help you stay clear and confident in your daily food choices (so that meals and snacks are anxiety free and fun).
  • Understand the psychology of deprivation and how to navigate sugar and alcohol.
  • “Intuitive Eating” or “Structured Eating”? Decide whether you do best with “Go With The Flow” or “I have a plan” Eating.
  • Learn the ins and outs of Intuitive Eating so you can access real satisfaction by giving yourself what you actually want to eat (not what you think you should eat). And never have to diet again.
  • Learn how to access Structured Eating to eliminate stressful food decisions when you are on the go, in a time crunch, hungry or tired.

How To Calm Your Anxiety And Mood Swings

  • Learn the exact magical phrases that you personally need to hear to feel loved and supported when you are feeling depressed, anxious or dealing with cravings and body image pain. (This alone has the power to completely change your life).
  • Learn why your inner voice is so critical and discover how to radically transform it so that your head becomes an enjoyable place to hang out in.
  • Discover how your inner child has been ignored and rejected for years and how changing that transforms the way you eat.
  • Identify your shadow self (the parts of yourself that you dislike and wish were different) and the technique that helps you genuinely feel love and affection for them.
  • Master the art of refusing to abandon yourself (ever) and how, once you get this, no rejection on the outside ever has the power to totally devastate you again.

How To Find And Put Together Your “Dream Team” Support System

  • Learn the exact sentence to say to family or friends who are keen to “help” you with your struggles with food and weight but who don’t always say or do the right thing.
  • Learn how to find and attract incredible, deep and supportive true friends that totally get you so you have a loving support system (even if you are super busy or shy).
  • Learn the 4 most important rules of communication to bring out your best self, deepen trust and create real intimacy in your relationships.
  • Rewire yourself to move towards (the right) people and open up even if you’re super introverted.  
  • Get access to the best resources to create your “dream team” support network so you feel connected and a part of a crew of like minded people you can trust.
  • Learn how to break the pattern of shutting down, isolating and hiding. 

How To Bring Flow to Moving Your Body

  • The 3 keys to falling in love with moving your body so that you feel energized and genuinely excited about it (yes, this is possible!).
  • Tricks to ensure you build movement and energy flow into your days (and why doing so prevents cravings).
  • The 10 minute method to attune to and dissolve energy blocks (and cravings) out of your body on demand.
  • Why exercise is not the key to weight loss and what is.
  • The exercise addiction trap – how to avoid it and ensure your work outs stay guilt free.
  • Concrete practices to cultivate body acceptance, banish diet culture and love the body you have today.

How To Sprinkle Your Days With Pleasure Without Involving Food

  • How to cultivate a life that ensures food is not the highlight of your day or your only source of excitement.
  • What you absolutely need to know about dating and sex when you struggle with food and body image.
  • Learn the life-changing practice of sprinkling your days with pleasure to bring more laughter, play and spontaneous joy into your everyday life.
  • Understand why it can be difficult to receive pleasure and how to change that – so you don’t spend your life chasing pleasure and intimacy only to balk and run away when they’re in front of you.
  • Why your sexual fantasies are actually useful in helping you decode what you’re actually craving in your everyday life. 

How To Use Simple Exercises To Support Self Esteem and Ease In Your Body

  •  Learn 3 super easy ways to meditate so you can experience ease, clarity and peace when you are most triggered.
  • How and why food becomes your messy and profound spiritual path (irrespective of whether you consider yourself spiritual).
  • Learn why so-called “failing” with food is normal at the beginning and why it’s crucial you don’t shut down in the midst of failure.
  • Turn meditation from something you think you “should do” to something you want to make time for because you can actually feel it working in your body.

Everything you need to know about healing your eating struggles will be right at your fingertips. You can get all the materials you need right in your living room, on your laptop, on demand.

So What's The Investment?

Getting help is hard. It’s also expensive. I get that. Outpatient treatment centers charge $1500-2000 a day. Inpatient treatment centers charge significantly more than that. Even an hour a week of psychotherapy is out of many people’s reach because it often goes on for a long time and averages between $600-$1000 a month.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a therapist specializing in food and eating struggles would advise, this course is your chance to access that. My Binge Free online program has everything you need to know (which has taken me a few decades to piece together) in an 8 week course with video training, audio MP3 guidance, worksheets and my best resources designed to transform your relationship with food and provide support in the midst of your everyday stress so you can end cravings and bingeing for good. I wanted to make this a no brainer for you, so you can get the support you need to clear food struggles at the source, so for $497, which is less than the cost of two private sessions with me, you will get the training you need to be Binge Free.

Here's What People Are Experiencing In The Course

Lyla. C

San Francisco, California

“This course is great. I’m recommending it to everyone in Overeaters Anonymous! The material is way more helpful than treatment… And when I get worked up during the day, I find myself being able to breathe through it or stop if I’m picking up food.”

Danielle S.

Colorado, United States

“Having the 4 minute pre-binge audio was super helpful since I can just quickly turn to it and press a button, because so many times when I’m craving or in discomfort I rush to reach for the food and can’t slow down.”

Maddie L.

New York, United States

“I want you to know I appreciate your Binge Free Program. This week I felt a shift as I continually try to pause and identify the feelings I’m inclined to move away from before “using” food or wine. It’s really the discomfort of feeling alone….”

And That's Not All...

I’ve got a few extra special bonuses I want to give you to celebrate when you join.

To make sure you’ve got extra support with the training, and to give you personalized attention to get your questions answered, for a limited time, when you sign up you will get a private 30-minute call with me where you can ask any questions one-on-one. You can schedule it when you need it most, anytime during the 8 weeks after you've purchased the program. If getting personalized support is important to you, and this bonus is still up, definitely jump on it, while you can. My schedule is constantly changing and this is not something that will always be available ($125 value).
Lifetime access to Binge Free and all resources including: the “Pre-Binge” audio recording that you can download onto your phone, and just press play to have me help you navigate your cravings and feelings 24/7. You’ll have access to the entire Binge Free program and all the course materials so you can go back and review any part of the program whenever you need an extra boost. This is priceless.

Payment Options

Budget Friendly



Confidential Online Training Portal
Over 30 High Definition Training Videos
Beautiful PDF & Worksheets
Downloadable MP3s
Toolkit links
Lifetime Access
1 30-minute private support call

Best Value, (Save $94)



Confidential Online Training Portal
Over 30 High Definition Training Videos
Beautiful PDF & Worksheets
Downloadable MP3s
Toolkit links
Lifetime Access
1 30-minute private support call

Best Support (limited to 4)



Confidential Online Training Portal
Over 30 High Definition Training Videos
Beautiful PDF & Worksheets
Downloadable MP3s
Toolkit links
Lifetime Access
8 1-hour private support calls


Here’s A Summary Of How This Works:



You'll get instant access to all of the training modules which includes videos, audios and downloadable worksheets for you to complete in the comfort of your own home. Each module takes around 60-90 minutes to complete, so you can do a module a week or go at your own pace.

This is a confidential program, and your participation will remain anonymous. After the program completes you will have access to return to any part of the program you want as a refresher as many times as you like.

All you need to do is work through the material of each module and commit to the very short daily practices.

You will understand how to break the grip of compulsions. You will learn how to sit with sensations you’ve never been able to sit with. Your food will normalize.

No more isolating for days or wallowing in self pity. No more jumping on scales feeling depressed at your weight. Your clothes will fit. You dress in a way that makes you feel competent and attractive. Your confidence blossoms. People really trust you and you really trust yourself. 

This is not about just fixing your body and your food and weight. You’re transforming your level of consciousness. The way you see yourself, the way you see others and the clarity you gain is so much bigger than food. 

Stop fighting food.
You don’t have to suffer anymore.


Praise For The Binge Free Course

Luciana T.

Milan, Italy

“Since returning from holiday I have had very few cravings for food and have found it really easy not to graze. I feel blessed that I found you.”

Elle J.

Arizona, United States

“I feel like I have had a major shift in my perceptions and a lot of things have come together for me.”

Lesley R.

United Kingdom

“Really pleased with the impact of meditation. Have dabbled with it over the decades with no result whatsoever, suddenly it has become easy and has saved my sanity. I can only think I was in such a desperate place, that finally I have stuck with it. I see it as my safe haven…The main benefit is that I am so, so much calmer.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

Binge Free addresses emotional eating, overeating, compulsive eating, food addiction, binge eating disorder and bulimia.  They're all ways of numbing or avoiding feeling uncomfortable feelings.

Restricting food is a huge component of the binge cycle so that piece is addressed. But if you’re struggling primarily with anorexia, then this course is not for you. I really encourage you to get professional one-on-one help to heal anorexia.

Yes! Even if you don't have what you would call distinct food binges, if you struggle with cravings, grazing, overeating or food obsession then this course can help.  In fact I define a binge as any behavior (even non food related) that you know doesn't serve you in the long term.

Is The Course A Form Of Therapy?

Binge Free is not therapy but it gives you access to many exercises and information that a therapist specialized in food struggles would give you.

Binge Free is a great complement to therapy, especially if your therapist doesn’t specialize in food struggles.

More FAQs

Yes.  While there are a couple of training videos that lean towards women, the Binge Free program is for anyone who is struggling to make peace with food.

I totally get it. Life is always busy, there’s never a good time to do this kind of work. The course is designed for you to go at your own pace, so as long as you keep moving through the modules you’ll reap the benefits of the program.

That will be the perfect time to schedule your private session with me.

Yes.  And you’ll be able to customize your own user name in case you want to ask questions along the way.

I Think I’m Ready To Go For It!

There is a bonus tab in the course that you get immediate access to when you register. It has all the information on how to schedule your session with me.

Yes you can.  Though I really suggest you start at the "Start Here" tab and then move through Module 1, Module 2 and module 3 first.  After that the order doesn't matter as much.

You’ll have lifetime access to the material so anytime you are struggling with an area you can go back and have support.

There’s no sliding scale but there is a payment plan option for 3 monthly payments of $197.

Yes! You can absolutely gift it to someone or even give Binge Free as a gift to a friend or family member and work through it together. Email me and we'll work it out.

Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Check your email inbox, as soon as you register for the program you'll receive a welcome email with your personal login information to access the training as well as program details. Be sure to carve out time in your schedule to watch the videos and complete the assignments, plus schedule your private call session with me.


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