The #1 mistake you're making when starting to binge

Discover how to dissolve cravings in your body


The "End Binges And Cravings" Free Mini Course will help you end your rollercoaster relationship with food and weight.


Hi, my name is Sabrina Weyeneth. I’m a licensed psychotherapist of close to 20 years and the Founder of Binge Free. For the last 18 years I’ve worked with people trapped in a battle with anxiety, depression, food and weight. I help them piece together what’s at the source of their bingeing, purging or eating struggles so they can heal their relationship with food. I’ve worked with and coached hundreds of people around the world in making peace with food, their body and the voice inside their head so they can find real, lasting freedom.

Here's What People Are Saying About The Free Course


Maria S.


“I really want to experience long term change and your videos are so helpful!! Many thanks!”

Lilit M.

United Kingdom

“This goes to the very root of the problem. This is deep and very helpful. Thank you very much.”

Cheryl L.


“Your videos hit the spot for me. I have listened to all three training videos and have downloaded the worksheets from all three. Now funny thing is since I started your course I feel I am going well. I appreciate your generosity in sharing your work. In between Weight Watchers I’ve tried them all. It would be so nice at my age just to take a break.”

Alyssa M.

Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for your free mini course about binge eating. I have been dealing with food issues for over 20 years. I really resonate with your perspective. I have always known it’s the feelings and the thoughts that are the issue but I have not had the strength or support to sit with the feelings.”

Sharon U.


“I have found your content most useful! I am not a “binger” per se, but do need help with overcoming cravings, especially when I am stressed at work. Your tips are very useful.”

Caitlyn S.

New York

“Your videos have been so helpful and necessary to my recovery so I just wanted to say thank you.”

Tamsin R.


“I love all the videos.  You just have such a clear understanding of every piece of this and are shining a light on a place I didn’t even know I had to look.  I am 31 years old and have had bulimia for 16 years. You really are the first therapist I have come across  that seems to totally get it, and since coming across your online videos I have begun to find some space between my thoughts.  I have always found it tricky to feel the sensations in my body but you have broken it down in the most beautifully clear way. Thank you so much for sharing it free of charge, I’m feeling genuinely hopeful for the first time in a long time.”

Maria L.


“Thank you so much for making these videos.  You have such a wonderful way of sharing the information that makes it easy to listen to and very digestible.  No pun intended.  I found that doing the worksheets and listening to the mini lectures made a huge difference.  On the outside no one would guess that I have an issue with eating.  I am a healthy weight and have a very healthy diet.  But I can get very obsessive and restrictive and I have the habit of eating too quickly and therefore too much only to feel regret and shame afterward.”

Faye I.


"I have watched the first video and downloaded the worksheet, it’s fantastic stuff.”

Nayna K.


“Thanks a lot Sabrina and I really love your help!  So far what’s really been quite eye opening is how I felt when I binged.  It wasn’t happy or anything it was literally nothing, like I wasn’t there.  Totally fogged out, zoned out, gone.  Weird.  I’ve also realized I’m doing it to deal with the pain of my divorce and lack of support from anyone. I’m getting there slowly.  I haven’t binged today and haven’t wanted to.”

Jacquie M.


“I was so happy to fund you on Youtube and from there your website.  I’m finding your videos very useful so far.  You mentioned people knowing what their problem is but not knowing how to fix it.  I have a good idea of what may have caused binge eating and restricting and all that stuff.  But what I needed was a method to deal with it, and move on. I already feel a huge benefit from your free course.”

Esther M.


“I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I actually had a conversation with myself when I noticed I was feeling the urge to finish an entire bag of popcorn!  I was able to stop at one bowl!! 🎉I know this doesn’t mean that I’m cured ;) but I’m just so excited that I was able to notice my thoughts, figure out what I was feeling and have a conversation in my head.  Thanks for everything ;)”

Eleanor R


“I’ve found the videos incredibly useful in reconnecting with the body and stopping binge eating!   I found at the end of the meal I did not need a hot drink and did not even have the desire to go to the fridge to see what else I could have.  Incredible!  It was an incredibly powerful experience considering how stuck I have been with things over the last months/year!”

The #1 mistake you're making when starting to binge and what to do about it

Discover how to dissolve cravings in your body


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The #1 mistake you're making when starting to binge and what to do about it