Learn the #1 mistake you're making when starting to binge and what to do about it –  discover how to dissolve cravings in your body.


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Hi, my name is Sabrina Weyeneth. I’m a psychotherapist and the Founder of Binge Free. For the last 17 years I’ve worked with people trapped in a battle with anxiety, depression, food and weight. I help them piece together what’s at the source of their bingeing, purging or eating struggles so they can heal their relationship with food. I’ve worked with and coached hundreds of people around the world in making peace with food, their body and the voice inside their head so they can find real, lasting freedom.

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Maria S.


“I really want to experience long term change and your videos are so helpful!! Many thanks!”

Lilit M.

United Kingdom

“This goes to the very root of the problem. This is deep and very helpful. Thank you very much.”

Cheryl L.


“Your videos hit the spot for me. I have listened to all three training videos and have downloaded the worksheets from all three. Now funny thing is since I started your course I feel I am going well. I appreciate your generosity in sharing your work. In between Weight Watchers I’ve tried them all. It would be so nice at my age just to take a break.”

Alyssa M.

Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for your free mini course about binge eating. I have been dealing with food issues for over 20 years. I really resonate with your perspective. I have always known it’s the feelings and the thoughts that are the issue but I have not had the strength or support to sit with the feelings.”

Sharon U.


“I have found your content most useful! I am not a “binger” per se, but do need help with overcoming cravings, especially when I am stressed at work. Your tips are very useful.”

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