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“I’m so amazed at the process and the progress. It’s been totally transformative. I am so grateful. I feel more confident. I can sit with my feelings. I don’t blame myself for having depression. I am better about seeking out the right people for my “tribe”. I am better about asking for help. I’m not so prone to black and white thinking. I feel more valuable. I am better at setting boundaries. I am proud of finally getting to an OA meeting, losing weight and gaining community. This work has CHANGED MY LIFE. Really, really, changed my life. I am so grateful. You are a very special person Sabrina, and an extremely talented therapist. I am comforted to know you are out there with people like me helping them get to where I am now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
-Tanya F., California

“I have been bulimic ever since I was 16- I'm now 49. You are the first person I have ever had any help from that made a difference- and believe me I've tried all sorts- I even studied cognitive behavioral therapy to help myself! You are brilliant!”
-Lesley C., United Kingdom

“Hi Sabrina, I watched your videos about bingeing. I have never seen anything so wise concerning eating, whatever-disorders. Thanks!”
Heidi H., New York

“Dear Sabrina,
I would just like to thank you with all my heart! I have been suffering from very low self esteem, self hatred and binge eating disorder for 13 years. But this has all stopped since I viewed your videos. They made such sense to me and have literally changed my life! I feel such a burden has lifted. Thank you so much Sabrina. You are wonderful!”
-Jen M., France